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Greening Vauxhall

Greening Vauxhall

The Greening Vauxhall project was sponsored by Greening Vauxhall/Lambeth Council and the Cross River Partnership to look at the regeneration of parks within North Lambeth. The project comprised a process of public consultation/workshops with community groups followed by proposals to regenerate six parks and open spaces. The project also looked at access for the disabled into parks and planting/conservation projects.

Green Links
The Green links study looked at streetscapes interlinking parks and open spaces in a deprived area of North Lambeth. The project was concerned with the hard and soft landscaping and the landscape quality of the streetscape. The primary interest was in improving health by encouraging increased pedestrian activity/fitness and improving access to parks. It was noticeable that, within the area covered by the project, there was not a single artwork on public display in any of the streetscapes.

The Greening Vauxhall Project identified planting areas for parks, including Kennington Park . The planting was installed involving community groups and with public consultation during the design phase. The planting forms part of a developing master plan for the park integrating landscape design with sports facilities.

Project Team
Carl Callaghan, Marco Leal

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