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Connearn Studio

Connearn Studio

Studio Callaghan has designed two studios for artists: one studio attached to a house and one studio freestanding. The unique quality of the exterior and interior of these buildings fascinate us. The Connearn studio is located in Deptford. Adverse site conditions led to the development of interior and exterior light reflectors to balance the lighting of the interior. The building is made almost entirely from recycled and sustainable materials. Photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof generate electrical power and rainwater is recycled in the landscaping.

It has become clear that many interior and exterior spaces suffer from poor day lighting and artificial lighting. Lighting is absolutely critical in spaces where art is made, performed or exhibited and in many other spaces. The use of real and computer lighting models in the early stages of design is critical for these spaces.
The studio has developed research into modelling light and the use of internal and external reflectors to balance lighting of interior space.

Project Team
Carl Callaghan, Susanna Dobson, Ursula Halabuz, Junko Isekame, Marco Leal, Jeff Leopando, Jonas Norlin, Ola Ogundele.

Structural Engineers

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